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Apple iPhone 6 screen pictures: Leaked pictures of new model from foxconn factory will not be made from sapphire glass

7DC7FEBFC56442CEACF7A3A803C4BE17 The iPhone 6 will not be made from sapphire glass, after analysis of the handset's supply chain failed to reveal any smartphone cover glass.
Apple's recent investment in sapphire glass plants in Arizona and Massachusetts prompted speculation the synthetically-grown crystal would be used for next iPhone's entire display. But the material does not appear to have been sent to manufacturing factories ahead of the expected September launch, according to Trendforce's LEDinside analysts. iPhone 6, is expected to be released in mid-September.  This model will come in  5.5-inches. 62DB686E732D49728BFD026CB74E6855 DB781A22E857426FB9D28E00CE16FC91 iphone_6_5s_logic_boards The leaked photos also appear to show an 802.11ac wireless networking chip, which enables WiFi communication more than twice as fast as current standards.